About us

The Trans Company was established in 2003. At the beginning of its activity the company was focused on domestic transport. A real breakthrough in the development of the company happened with the changing the current marketing strategy into specializing. Instead of accepting single and accidental orders from different business lines, we decided to concentrate on one chosen market branch. Thanks to that, we gradually could specialize in the transportation of food and perishable products.

We developed our geographic coverage very fast, too. At present we provide our services in all West European countries as well as in Scandinavia and United Kingdom.

The Trans Company is developing rapidly in the international market. Our main aim is to constantly perfect the quality of our services. We continually help our partners in logistics matters by improving the information exchange system. Our main assets are individual approach towards our customers, many years of experience, comprehensive services, qualified and specialized staff, broad logistics infrastructure and therefore exceptional mobility, a unique informatics system together with the global positioning system, as well as high effectiveness and flexibility.

 The Trans Company